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The best possible independent, professional advice that’s built around you.

The definition of wealth may vary between individuals – to some people it means saving for an active retirement, others may wish to be mortgage free as quickly as possible, while still others would like to provide a nice little nest egg for their children.

No matter what the definition of wealth is to you, our team of experts can help. Our Wealth Management Team can review your current portfolio, help you understand your options and come up with the right financial plan for you – a plan that will assist you in achieving your wealth management goals.

Find Your Way to Wealth

As an Owner, you deserve to have an experienced, professional and objective team of financial advisors at your disposal.

At FirstOntario Investments our work is directed by a few simple principles that ensure that the financial advice you receive is not only well informed, but also backed by the strength of a common purpose and mutual accountability among our team of advisors. To work together effectively, our team members rally around a meaningful purpose that they’ve embraced as their own. That purpose is you.

Our aim is to understand your unique needs, situations, and goals, and to develop solutions that lead you to successful financial outcomes. We also recognize the tremendous value of different skill sets and perspectives. Our team provides a robust and diverse range of expertise so you get the best, most experienced financial minds working for you.

As a Member and an Owner, you deserve the highest level of financial advice. At FirstOntario our focus is on helping our Members achieve and maintain financial independence.

Our advisors are highly qualified. They are among the best in the financial services industry. Each has more than a decade of experience. Their goal is to bring more wealth into your life, and this is a responsibility that they take very seriously. Whether you are just starting to build wealth or you are living from your retirement funds, our approach is both flexible and comprehensive.

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Our advisors tailor their advice to match your unique needs and investment style.

We want you to sleep well at night knowing that your money is invested in high quality and sound investments. Let us help you realize your dreams. Call 1 (800) 616-8878 ext. 1700 or visit your local branch to book an appointment with our Wealth Management Team today!