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Find Your Way to Wealth with Us

We make it easy to plan for your future. No matter what the definition of wealth is to you, our team of experts can help.

The definition of wealth may vary between individuals – to some people it means saving for an active retirement, others may wish to be mortgage free as quickly as possible, while still others would like to provide a nice little nest egg for their children. Our Wealth Management Team can review your current portfolio, help you understand your options and come up with the right financial plan for you – a plan that will assist you in achieving your wealth management goals.

Carolyn Humby

Find your way to wealth with Carolyn Humby.

My experience is in creating tax efficient, sustainable cash flow. Whether my clients are accumulating wealth, receiving a lump sum or drawing on their life savings, I help them understand and navigate the complexities of the financial world and bring them peace-of-mind by creating a strategy that allows them to meet their goals.

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David Smith

Find your way to wealth with David Smith.

Being a good father has taught me a lot about being a good financial advisor.

There’s a commitment that I make to my clients that is similar to the one I make to my family – to be thoughtful, thorough, engaged, and aware of their needs and goals. I know that in order to be really good at both of these important roles I have to be willing to go the extra mile.

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Find your way to wealth with Joe Fehrman.

My clients refer to me as a valued and trusted partner, with an instinct for knowing when to listen and when to contribute. I have been told that I am enthusiastic, accessible, and full of great ideas. I feel this is important because I truly enjoy making connections and applying my expertise to work collaboratively with my clients to develop a sound financial plan to help them achieve their goals.

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John Fraone

Find your way to wealth with John Fraone.

I pride myself in developing long-lasting relationships with clients for the purpose of helping them and their families reach their life and retirement goals. These relationships are based on trust, communication, confidentiality and integrity. I take a holistic approach to planning by taking the time to learn about what is Important to families. Based on our initial discussions, I develop a solid financial plan catered to their specific needs, making every plan unique.

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Find your way to wealth with John Grasso.

Say hello to John Grasso. Talk to him first to get solid objective financial advice.

John is a graduate of Ohio University, and has over 16 years experience helping clients with their financial and investment management. John has previously worked at two other large financial institutions as an Investment Advisor and has completed several industry courses. He also holds a Personal Financial Planner designation from the Canadian Securities Institute.

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Find your way to wealth with Mikkel Hansen.

Tailoring my investment advice and services to meet the unique needs of each of my clients is how I deliver a meaningful wealth management experience.

My 15 years in the financial industry has resulted in an investment approach that has a proven track-record of increasing my clients’ potential for long-term success.

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Trevor Ireland

Find your way to wealth with Trevor Ireland.

Professional, knowledgeable, friendly and caring – this is how several of my clients have described me. I take great pride in offering service that is above and beyond expectations because this is the approach I take with my financial advice. I know the importance of having a strong relationship with my clients to deliver clear and precise guidelines when creating a financial plan to help them reach their financial goals.

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